“A” for Abhimanyu मुद्रण ई-मेल

It is said that there are very few in History who have made Lord Krishna emotional out of sheer love and dedication. This is a story of one such boy.

Five thousand years ago on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, an unforgettable war lasted for 18 days, between falsehood and truth, between evil and righteousness, between Kauravas and Pandavas. The war was so intense that lakhs of people died and became immortal. The war included everybody from the Kaurava and Pandava families, including a 16 year old boy, ABHIMANYU.

Abhimanyu was a proud son of Arjun and Subhadra. He spent his childhood under the guidance of his learned mother, was trained in archery under the supervision of his father, and learnt intricacies of life under the shelter of his uncle Lord Krishna. Abhimanyu was a chivalrous, courageous and handsome youth. It is said that while he was in his mother’s womb he heard the conversation between his mother and Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna was explaining Subhadra about the deadly and virtually impenetrable Chakravyuha. He explained to her how one could enter the Chakravyuha. However during their conversation, Subhadra dozed off to sleep and Abhimanyu failed to listen to the other half of the conversation, which was on how to exit from the conspired Chakravyuha.

The 13
th day of the grand war dawned. Upon the insistence of eldest Kaurava brother Duryodhan, Dhronacharya, the head of Kaurava army, arranged the Kaurava army in form of the Chakravyuha, chakra literally meaning a circular pattern. The Kauravas challenged the Pandavas to break the Chakravyuha. The Pandavas sportingly accepted the challenge. However this task could be accomplished only by Arjun and Abhimanyu. Arjun was far away on the battlefield, so it was left to only the young lad, Abhimanyu to accomplish such a formidable task.  

It was his valour that he obeyed his elders and in an instant he entered the deadly trap. Pandavas and Abhimanyu himself were aware of the fact that Abhimanyu could break in through the trap but would not be able to exit it. However, despite all their efforts and courage, the valiant Abhimanyu lost his life on the battlefield.  

Abhimanyu is remembered and also revered as a great fighter. His name would always be remembered whenever and wherever Mahabharat is discussed. He has etched his name in Indian history with golden letters.  

What would I like to learn from the Great Abhimanyu?

a)   Bravery

b)    Courage, to face the utmost challenge

c)   Respect for elders

d)   Precedence to cultural values and righteousness (Dharma) above one’s life

Comments (2)
  • vithu529

    good one

  • sitaraama  - Correction

    Good effort - you wrote "Lord Krishna was explaining Subhadra about the deadly and virtually impenetrable Chakravyuha."

    Correction - it was not Krishna who was explaining Chakravyuha to Subhadra. It was Arjuna who was explaining it to her and she went to sleep where as Abhimanyu was listening. Abhimanyu learned the process of getting into the vyuha at that time coincidentally Krishna came and saw that arjuna was explaining things to her sleeping sister. Krishna took Arjuna away saying these are not the things to tell a pregnant woman. Thats why Abhimanyu knew how to get into Vyuha but did not know how to break it to come out. Which became the cause of his death

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