“D” for Dhruv मुद्रण ई-मेल

We all need characters that are like us and yet have achieved great heights in their life. They would have gone through same pain and sorrow and felt the same happiness as we do in our daily life, yet they are well-known in history because of their noteworthy reactions to similar situations. 

We all must have seen the Pole Star twinkling in the north. The same star is also known as ‘Dhruv' after the young boy named Dhruv.

The father of Dhruv was a king called Uttanpad, who was married to Suruchi and Suneeti. Suruchi means what the senses prefer (the desire to enjoy). Suneeti means the truth (that which is correct). Suruchi was the King's favourite wife.

Dhruv was Suneeti's son and Uttam was Suruchi's son. As the fable goes, once Dhruv saw Uttam sitting on their father's lap. Little Dhruv asked his father to carry him, and give him too a seat on his lap. This infuriated Suruchi who lashed out at the child, saying that he would have the right to sit on his father's lap only were he to perform penance and be born from her womb. The humiliated little child ran to Suneeti and fighting back tears of anger, recounted what had transpired. Suneeti consoled and instructed little Dhruv.

She told him:

1.        If you want something, let that be from God!

2.        However much you ask of a human being, it will be little.

3.        Many a times, asking brings with it humiliation.

4.        When God gives, he gives in plenty.

5.        God will make you sit on his lap with love. He is the true father of Mankind.

6.        Suruchi has spoken words of truth. Even if you want the throne, pray to the Lord!

7.        Go to the forest and perform penance.

8.        Before you go, ask for the blessings of Suruchi.

9.        I am not sending you alone, my blessings and God are with you.

The little child set out for the forest. He felt confident that no harm would befall him as he had with him God and his mother's blessings. On the way Dhruv met Naradji. Naradji dissuaded Dhruv from undertaking such a difficult task. Naradji told Dhruv, "You are young, you should be spending your time playing... even great sages have had difficulties to understand the Almighty." But Dhruv was adamant, and was keen to attain the most excellent place in the whole world.

Dhruv meditated day and night without moving for months together. Impressed by Dhruv's perseverance, the Lord appeared before Dhruv. Dhruv opened his eyes and was in awe of Lord's over whelming presence.  Being pleased with Dhruv's devotion the Lord insisted that Dhruv ask for a boon. Dhruv never desired for any worldly pleasures but only sought the most excellent place in the whole world, which was the lap of the Almighty Himself. Thus, the Lord granted Dhruv the highest point in heaven, where he sits even today on his Divine father's lap as the Pole Star, also known as the North Star.

What would I like to learn from Dhruv?

a)   Perseverance (Determination to achieve one's goal)

b)   Understanding of the right and the wrong (Nobility of desires)

c)   Devotion

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