राजा कालस्य कारणम् मुद्रण ई-मेल

SuSanskrit is not about teaching or preaching. It is about learning, knowing and exploring our inner abilities, ‘The potentially Divine self’ as referred by Swami Vivekananda. It’s an effort to keep our culture alive in its true sense, to live our life in true spirit, to make sure our next generations gets the right environment to grow and prosper materially and spiritually. ‘Chintan’ section on SuSanskrit aims to do the same. It aims at challenging our routine life and our so called comfort zone, to be active and responsible about our self and environment around us, much less the world around us. We may not be writers nor have any linguistic mastery to mesmerize the reader. Thoughts reproduced here are not to impress but are to make us think about our future and how are we ready to face the challenging tomorrow.

There is a famous Indian saying ‘Raja Kalaysya Karanam’ meaning it’s the leader who is responsible for today’s state of things. This state is not just the socio economic state or the political situation but also the very way in which the society thinks, in turn how we think as individuals in our day to day life. There was a time when the Raja was answerable to the academia of the society and the academia were not afraid to take decision’s which contributed to the growth of the society in the right direction.. There are enough examples in history to prove this point, from Vasisth to Chanakya and more recently Saint Ramdas.

The academia or the ‘Brahmin varg’ of the famous chatur varna vayastha, made sure that the society was moving in the right direction. Knowledge and experience was respected and was not available for sale. There are innumerable examples of rishis who gave their life in pursuit of knowledge and truth. As a result world respected knowledge, a man was measured by his knowledge and not just his material wealth. Kings were forced to bow their head in front of knowledge and truth. Such was the ideal society. So what do we see if we fly back to our current world? I don’t want to picture an imperfect portrait of today’s world. We all are experiencing the present and are aware about the obvious.

Question is do we realize with whom is our battle? Who are the modern days Rajas? Some may argue it’s the polity of today which runs our world. But I would want us to think beyond and see what forces them to rule the land in the fashion that is being done today. Let’s see the inner layer of the polity and the answer will be clear. I still remember the incident when an outlet of famous MNC joint at Mumbai’s Victoria terminus was demolished, as it blatantly violated all the rules of book. Three months down the line the same joint was up and running and also turned out to be the most profitable outlet for that company.. We all remember how US went in war in Cambodia and later Iraq, but we fail to see who inspired the war. I loved watching the movie JFK, where the ex-general of military explains how the government is run and how companies are involved in policy making decisions. Today’s rajas are the business groups, the very companies in which we work. Most of the world policies today, whether economic or geo-political, are dictated by these Rajas. Whether it is availability of cheap energy, policy on issues of empowerment, health and poverty, procurement of defense equipments, economic policy of a country or even worse the day to day life of individuals like us, everything is stage managed, by these corporations. It’s no surprise that today’s business men and women control ‘The most influential people of the world’ list.

World has seen many experiments in the field of economics. Today we are living in the world of capitalism, a system which is governed by the one who has the highest wealth. It does not matter how this wealth is accumulated, who are involved in the process of wealth generation and at what cost is the wealth gathered. Even worst is the way we define and understand wealth. Today wealth is defined as money; everything else is excluded from the list, resulting in exploitation of resources, man and nature. Indian culture defined wealth (you can refer Shrisuktam) to include beyond the realsm of money, Nature, human health, qualities and values.

Today’s Rajas have digested the definition of money as wealth and thrown out every other aspect of wealth, resulting in chaos and anarchy. To see change in our world today a lot is required, but definitely this modern Rajas need to introspect much further.

Role of any company or corporation apart from money making is in multiple. Any companies should be part of the following activities:

a) Be a positive socio/economic contributor,
b) Respect and Promote values not just in work culture but life beyond that,
c) Promote well being of its employee and general public where it is operative,
d) Help contributing in developing a model society,
e) Indulge in competition for innovation and being creative,
f) Most important be responsible and answerable.

What we need to realize is, these companies are run by individuals like us and it’s us who will need to introspect and start bringing the change. It is us who will need to bring the change. We are responsible and answerable for today’s world and for the world we will gift to our next generation. If we want these Rajas to be answerable, we will have to be answerable, we will need to start inculcating importance of values over money, and right knowledge over materialism. It’s a hard and treacherous process, but to create tomorrows Rajas we will have to pass by the same.

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