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Philosopher King मुद्रण ई-मेल

Continuing on our journey just thought of re visiting our last topic of discussion. We saw how leaders had the capability of influencing the world around and how in modern world the corporate are playing the role of a leader. Stumbling upon the topic of leader, I am sure we all would have started thinking so how should an ideal leader be. There is lot of material on the subject in our history and culture, Lord Ram was a case in point. But what is intriguing is how western philosophers have thought about the topic. One such philosopher which comes in mind is Plato. We all know Plato was influenced by Socrates. Socrates’ death and the geo political climate of Athens, these two factors forced him to think, write and experiment in the world of justice, morality and political freedom. 

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राजा कालस्य कारणम् मुद्रण ई-मेल

SuSanskrit is not about teaching or preaching. It is about learning, knowing and exploring our inner abilities, ‘The potentially Divine self’ as referred by Swami Vivekananda. It’s an effort to keep our culture alive in its true sense, to live our life in true spirit, to make sure our next generations gets the right environment to grow and prosper materially and spiritually. ‘Chintan’ section on SuSanskrit aims to do the same. It aims at challenging our routine life and our so called comfort zone, to be active and responsible about our self and environment around us, much less the world around us. We may not be writers nor have any linguistic mastery to mesmerize the reader. Thoughts reproduced here are not to impress but are to make us think about our future and how are we ready to face the challenging tomorrow.
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